We've had a lot of questions recently about coronavirus related to party rentals and our policies.  Here are the most common:


What are your cleaning procedures?

Our standard procedure is to clean all equipment between each rental.  This includes vacuuming of all floors and wiping down all floors and walls with a non-toxic hypoallergenic cleaner.  It is also standard procedure for us to spray all porous surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner.  In response to coronavirus concerns, we are using a disinfectant cleaner approved as effective against coronavirus by the CDC on all surfaces, both porous and non-porous.


Are we practicing social distancing?

Yes!  For the protection of your family and our employees, all processes involving employees will include proper social distancing of at least 6 feet.  We're taking signatures on contracts electronically, and asking that all customers pay electronically as well.  This way our staff will not need to exchange anything with you on delivery or pickup, and we'll be able to perform our jobs on-site without needing to be within 6 feet of anyone on your property.  You'll still get the same great service that we've always provided, we'll just do it with a little bit of distance between us.


What is your cancellation policy regarding coronavirus?

We want you to have the most flexibility possible with your reservation so that you may take the appropriate action with the latest information.  We are applying our weather cancellation policy for all cancellations this year.  This allows you to cancel or reschedule without charge up to 5:00pm the day prior to your event, giving you plenty of time to make decisions about your event.


Can I get coronavirus from a bounce house?

Based on current information from the CDC, it is extremely unlikely.  To quote the CDC, "...transmission of novel coronavirus to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented."  Transmission from person to person is the most likely way the virus can be transmitted.  The CDC acknowledges that it is theoretically possible to obtain the virus from a contaminated surface, but with proper prevention techniques, it is extremely unlikely and there are no known cases of this occurring.  The coronavirus can live up to 24 hours on a porous surface and up to 3 days on a non-porous surface, but when you rent equipment from us, it is likely the equipment hasn't been used for at least 3 days, and our cleaning procedures are sufficient to disinfect the items.


What precautions should I take for my event?

The CDC recommends taking all standard precautions for the flu to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  This includes frequent hand washing, avoid touching your face, and people with cold or flu symptoms should remain at home.  It's also helpful to clean and disinfect visibly dirty surfaces or frequently touched items such as door knobs, chairs, tables, desks, remote controls, light switches, handles, sinks and toilets, .  For most people under the age of 60 without compromised immune systems, the virus has symptoms and outcomes similar to the ordinary flu.  The CDC recommends that people over the age of 60 and people with compromised immune systems avoid non-essential social gatherings and travel.