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Now Hiring Drivers!

We have several open positions for drivers.  Work is primarily on weekends but some weekday work is available.  To apply send your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Duties Include:

  • Deliver and setup party equipment
  • Provide great customer service
  • Work primarily weekends


Applicants must have:

  • Clean and presentable appearance
  • Good driving record
  • Great attitude
  • Willingness to work hard
  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects


This is an entry level position.  No experience is required.  


For drivers who prefer to use their own truck, van, or suv:

Drivers are paid a combination of an hourly wage plus a vehicle reimbursement.  The combined pay rate is usually around $20 per hour PLUS bonuses, depending on volume, distance, and experience.  The driver’s vehicle must be in good mechanical condition, insured, and capable of towing a basic trailer (basic tow package).  We provide the trailer as well as any necessary towing equipment to connect to most tow packages.


For drivers who would prefer to drive a company truck:

Drivers will be provided a company vehicle to perform deliveries.  Pay is $11 to $15 per hour PLUS bonuses for certain kinds of work.  Applicants must have a reasonably clean driving record for the last 3 years.


E-mail your contact and other information.  Please be sure to answer the following questions in your e-mail:

  1. Would you prefer to use your own vehicle or a company truck?
  2. If you prefer to use your own vehicle, what is the year, make, and model of the truck and what kind of tow package does it have?
  3. What days and times are you available to work?
  4. If you do not include a resume, please describe any relevant experience, if any.


We are located in Denver, Colorado.  Blaster Bouncer Denver, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, providing a safe and fun work environment.