Inflatable Cash Cube Carnival Game Rental Denver

It's OK, you can admit it! Everyone wants to get in the Cash Cube!  This game is 6' x 6' and 10' tall.  Use it with actual cash, fake money, slips of paper, or vouchers.  Be sure to crinkle your money for best results.  Perfectly flat money sticks to the walls.



 Rental Price:     $249.00

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Bank vault themed cash cube carnival game, green and black colors, transparent sides for spectator enjoyment, use with actual cash, fake money or other light paper products (Don't forget to crinkle your paper products for best results).


Additional Guidelines:




     All Ages


     Cash cube inflatable (cash or paper products not included)

Standard Carnival Rules:

     Player gets a specified amount of time to grab as much cash as possible!  Serves 1 player at a time.

Alternate Rules:

     Lengthen or reduce the time the participant has in the cube.  Set other rules such as, "All cash must be caught from the air." or "You can't touch the walls or floor of the cube."  Put a specially marked bill or paper product that represents a grand prize.  Crinkle your money for best results.

Setup Area (LxWxH):

     7' x 8' x 10'

Capacity Limit:

     1 Participant

Participant Weight Limit:


Total Weight Limit:


Wind Speed Limit:

     25 mph

Power Requirements:

     2 Standard Electrical Outlets, 10 Amps.

Other Special Restrictions:

    Although this may seem obvious, CASH NOT INCLUDED.  Please be prepared with your own cash or paper products to be used inside the cash cube.  The lighter the paper product, the better.  Avoid paper products with water soluble dies or inks as this may damage the cash cube and result in additional charges.  Paper products such as party streamers bleed permanent ink when exposed to water.  DON'T FORGET TO CRINKLE YOUR MONEY FOR BEST RESULTS!

Special Setup Conditions:



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