Gear Up Carnival Game Rental Denver

The timer is set, gears are in hand, can you finish this mechanical puzzle in 50 seconds or less!? The Gear Up Carnival Game is a unique and fun timed experience that all ages enjoy. It measures 2' x 6' and 1.5' tall.



 Rental Price:     $99.00

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Challenging mechanical puzzle carnival game for all ages, sits on a table, use your own table or add a table to your order, includes a timer and 10 gears.


Additional Guidelines:




     All Ages


     Gear Up Game, Timer, Gears

Standard Carnival Rules:

     Make sure the flags are inside the game board and the timer set.  Start the timer and place the gears on the gear cogs.  You have 50 seconds to place all 10 gears in the proper place.  Turn the middle crank and see how many flags pop up.  Get all four flags to appear in 50 seconds to win!  Serves 1 player at a time, 1 player per minute.

Alternate Rules:

     Skip the timer and allow players more time to decrease the difficulty of the game.

Setup Area (LxWxH):

     3' x 6' x 1.5'

Capacity Limit:

     1 Participant

Participant Weight Limit:


Total Weight Limit:


Wind Speed Limit:

     25 mph

Power Requirements:


Other Special Restrictions:


Special Setup Conditions:

     This game sits on a table which is not included with the game.  Use any standard banquet table or equivalent, or add one to your order if you'd like us to bring a table to you.


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