Nasty Castle
Nasty Castle - Not Us!

There are some really great party rental companies around town, but unfortunately, there are some that tarnish the entire industry’s reputation and can turn a pre-planned, fun event into a colossal nightmare.  When you decide to reserve equipment, whether it is for yourself or your children, the last thing you need is a health or safety issue, or an embarrassing customer service problem creeping up on you.  Over the years, we have heard some downright scary stories about those less-than-ideal companies, but most complaints fall into the following categories:


The Nasty Castle

By far, the most commonly told horror story has to do with the “Nasty Castle.”  Many bouncer companies are small operators, running inflatables around as a side business to their other, regular, full-time jobs.  The problem?  Not everyone in this circumstance has the time, manpower, or inclination to properly clean and care for their equipment.  This results in mold, bacteria, and disgusting odors that can adversely affect children’s health, especially if any of your party attendees suffer from asthma, allergies, or sensitive skin.  We've heard complaints about being able to smell a bouncer from 6 feet away, about kids being afraid to jump because of the smell, about kids being grossed out by unidentified smudges inside, about kids breaking out in hives and rashes after a party, etc.  With kids constantly running in and out, all bouncers accumulate dirt during a party.  Getting hit with a passing rainstorm or a forgotten sprinkler system adds moisture.  Roll it up tight and put it away for a week, and you have a Nasty Castle issue!


The Blaster Bouncer Difference:  We are a full-service party rental company with several employees dedicated to making your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.  Our warehouse workers clean and sanitize every piece of equipment in between each use.  Nobody likes a Nasty Castle, and you can trust us to deliver a fully cleaned one each time! 


Nasty Bouncer
Nasty Castle - Not Us!

The Old Beater Castle

Every parent knows that kids, especially teenagers, are hard on everything.  Even the sturdiest of bouncers take a beating at parties from time to time, and when you add in sun exposure and age, it’s important to recognize when a castle needs to retire.  This usually happens after 3 to 5 years of use.  Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some fly-by-night operators to run their bouncers beyond the limit, resulting in unsightly equipment that is often unsafe for anyone to use.  We've heard complaints about bouncers covered in duct tape, tattered bouncers with open holes, bouncers that collapse if more than two children jump, and customers who were embarrassed to have run down equipment dominating their yards.  Trying to entertain your guests with an Old Beater Castle is not only embarrassing, it’s dangerous.  If you push a piece of equipment beyond its limits, you’re putting yourself and your guests at an increased risk of injury.  Holes, weak spots, and bad seams will inevitably give way and could easily cause serious harm.


The Blaster Bouncer Difference:  We have high standards for our equipment, and every piece is inspected between each use to prevent safety issues from ruining your party.  If our equipment sustains damage, we have it professionally repaired.  If it has reached the end of its life-cycle, it is permanently taken out of circulation.  We are always adding new equipment to our line-up, and you can trust us not to deliver an Old Beater to your party! 


Old Beater
Old Beater Window - Not Us!

The Castle That Never Was

Let’s face it – planning a party is no picnic!  You’ve filled out the invitations, handled the RSVPs, shopped like a fiend, cleaned your house and yard, hung decorations all over the place, and prepared enough food to keep a small country fed for a week.  Now, you have 15 kids coming to your house, and your bouncer company has suddenly decided to become a “no-show.”  The sad truth is when you’re dealing with a smaller, one-man operation, it only takes one unexpected problem – illness, family emergency, flat-tire, engine problems, etc. – to throw things into a tailspin.  Unfortunately, their only back-up plan is to not show up with your bouncer, leaving you scrambling to find alternative, last-minute entertainment for your disappointed guests.  With these fly-by-night operators, sometimes you get a phone call, sometimes you get an explanation, and many times you get neither.  To make matters worse, when you call, it’s nearly impossible to get a live person to answer the phone.  Any way you look at it, it’s extremely stressful, and ultimately, bad news for you and your guests.


The Blaster Bouncer Difference:  We've learned from our own emergencies, and we always have a back-up plan.  We have two drivers on call every weekend (and one driver every weekday) to take over if someone is ill, breaks down in the middle of a route, or needs to handle an unanticipated family emergency.  We also have a full-time Events Coordinator near the phone at all times to deal with these unexpected problems, and most importantly, to keep you informed along the way.  These back-up drivers also frequently rescue panicked customers, who are dealing with the no-show competitors.  With Blaster Bouncer, you'll never have The Castle That Never Was!


The Disaster Waiting To Happen

The Front Range is notorious for quick weather changes, so all inflatables need proper anchoring.  Without exception, bouncers should be secured to the ground with stakes and/or sandbags, depending upon your setup needs.  Unfortunately, many fly-by-night operators do not use any anchoring at all.  This causes bouncers to shift, slide, and move, which can cause deflation, crashing into stationary objects, roll-overs, or worse.  One major gust of wind can instantly turn a bouncer into a kite, endangering everyone inside and around it.  To further complicate matters, the operators who ignore proper anchoring techniques also tend to ignore the need for insurance, putting you further at risk. 


The Blaster Bouncer Difference:  We securely anchor every bouncer, every time.  We also inspect our stakes and sandbags on a regular basis and replace bent or worn-out items.  All of the anchoring in the world cannot protect against micro-bursts or tornadoes, but we do our best to keep everyone safe under all normal circumstances.  We outright refuse to become a Disaster Waiting to Happen!