The delivery minimum for most of the Denver Metro Area is $225.  This includes:

  • All cities surrounding Denver within 30 miles
  • All cities south up to and including Castle Rock and Parker
  • All cities north up to and including Boulder, Longmont, Greeley, Loveland, and Fort Collins

 The delivery minimum for all outlying cities is $225.  This includes:

  • Colorado Springs, Monument, and Pueblo (south of Castle Rock)
  • Mountain towns (generally west of Georgetown)
  • Far eastern towns (generally west of Byers)
  • Far northern towns (generally north of Wellington or significantly off the I-25 corridor)
  • Any location where the delivery fee would be $100 or more

 The minimum order must be met and then the appropriate delivery fee will be added if applicable.

 If your order is less than the delivery minimum, and you are in our free delivery area, you may still be able to get equipment delivered though a delivery fee will apply.  The delivery fee is generally whatever it takes to get you up to the minimum order.  Please contact us for details.  For a specific list of most of the cities in our free delivery area, click here.