We will allow cancellation of the rental without cost to the renter under the following circumstances:

Any Reason Cancellation:  Cancellation of the rental one week or more prior to the date of delivery.  Cancellation of the rental less than 1 week prior to the date of delivery will incur a fee of 20% of the rental charge except weather and safety related cancellations as defined below.

Weather Cancellation:  If rain, snow, winds in excess of 25mph, or temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit are in the forecast, the renter may cancel by 5:00pm the day prior to the rental.  Cancellations after 5:00pm the day prior to the rental, up to and including cancellations on delivery, will incur a charge of the higher of $100 or 20% of the rental charge.  Partial or full refunds will not be issued for adverse weather conditions that develop after equipment is delivered.

Safety Cancellation:  If the driver determines that there are unsafe conditions at the time of delivery, those conditions were generally unforeseeable prior to delivery by the renter or the company, and the driver is unable to setup because of those conditions, cancellation without cost may be allowed.  Forecasted weather conditions do not count as unforeseeable conditions.

There is no cost to reschedule the rental, but the request to reschedule must be made by 5:00pm the day prior to the rental and rescheduling will be subject to availability.