If we are staking on your property, make sure the setup location is not above underground utilities buried less than 24 inches.  Most utilities except sprinkler lines are more than 24 inches deep, however erosion may change this over time.  If you are unsure about the location of underground utilities on your property, you can arrange for them to be located for free by contacting the 811 Colorado Utility Locator at https://www.colorado811.org/.  Utility locates are free.

Over the thousands of events that we've done over the many years that we've been in business, we've never hit a utility line except sprinkler lines.  We do hit sprinkler lines once or twice a year, and we are not responsible for their damage or repair.  If you're concerned about your sprinkler lines or other underground utilities, or you're unsure if there are any under the planned setup location, have them located or marked prior to our arrival.