When evaluating a party rental company, be sure to consider the following:


  • Fully Licensed - Unfortunately there are party rental companies out there that are not fully licensed.  This means that they do not have the proper permits to do business within the city you reside, and they are possibly not even licensed with the state.  These businesses are operating illegally and you should not consider them for your business.  Blaster Bouncer is fully licensed to operate in every city in the metro area and most of the surrounding cities as well.


  • Fully Insured - Some party rental companies do not carry liability insurance, putting you and your children at risk.  Operating a jumping castle without insurance is unethical and irresponsible, and you should not choose these companies.  Blaster Bouncer is fully insured, protecting you and the people you care most about.  We even carry special insurance to comply with many city requirements.


  • Avoid Fly-By-Night Operations - Be aware that quality and service vary widely!  See our article on "competitor horror stories" for examples.  In any city there are a few good companies out there and a lot of really bad ones.  Many people start party rental companies with good intentions, but then let them go into decline.  Most of these businesses go bankrupt within a couple years, but you never know if they'll make it all the way to your party.  Tell-tale signs of a Fly-By-Night operation are: 
    • The company does not answer its phone during business hours.
    • The company is offering below market prices (They're discounting their equipment for a reason).
    • The company cannot provide proof of insurance or licensing.
    • The company does not charge sales tax.

Doing business with these companies damages the legitimate companies that have gone through the time and trouble of playing by the rules, paying their taxes, and supporting the community.


If you'd like to know details about a specific company, just ask us.  We know which companies are legitimate and responsible operators.