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Bounce Houses

Jungle Bounce House

Jungle Bounce House Rental Denver

It's just like visiting the Amazon, but it feels like you're on the moon.  Whether your party involves an island paradise, dinosaurs, pirates, Dora, Diego, or Madagascar, this luau-themed Jungle Bounce House is perfect!  The Jungle Bounce House is HUGE! At 15' x 15' and 14' tall, it's as large as most living rooms!  Be sure to measure your yard! 

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Sponge Bob Bounce House

Sponge Bob Bounce House Rental Denver

Bring Bikini Bottom, Sponge Bob, Patrick, Squidward, and lots of jellyfish into your backyard!  The Sponge Bob Bounce House is quite large at 15' x 15'!  This bouncer is also 13' tall, so make sure you have adequate room overhead.  As with all bounce houses, be sure to measure for space!


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