Dunk Tank 500 Gallon Water Game Rental Denver

Just add 500 gallons of water, a few friends, and stir!  Voila!  A perfect recipe for a whole lot of fun on those hot and sunny days!  The 500 Gallon Dunk Tank will keep you cool and will entertain a steady stream of people all day long!  Be sure to read the additional detailed requirements before making a reservation.



 Rental Price:     $349.00

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Large 500-gallon dunk tank, yellow and blue colors, window on the front, successful target hit causes the seat to drop, entertains a steady stream of people, throwing balls included.


Additional Guidelines:


Setup Area (LxWxH):

     8' x 6' x 8'

Capacity Limit:

     1 Participants at a time

Participant Weight Limit:

     250 lbs

Total Weight Limit:

     250 lbs

Wind Speed Limit:

     25 mph

Power Requirements:


Other Special Restrictions:

     Must be attended by an adult at all times, see rental agreement for additional safety instructions.  Takes about 1 hour to fill, depending on water pressure.  

Special Setup Conditions:

     Garden hose, water, and attendant not included.  Must be able to reach the setup location with your garden hose.  


See our FAQ on prices.  Delivery and pickup included if within our free delivery area.  A list of cities included in our free delivery area can be viewed here.  To rent this water game, you can reserve online by clicking on the availability link above, sending us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us at any of the numbers listed on our contact page.